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FOWC Needs Your Contributions

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada) (FOWC) is reaching out to you and your members across Canada to help us achieve our goal of providing quality ostomy products to those people around the world who can neither afford to buy or even find such supplies.

Specifically, we are looking for funding to ship to Kenya and Iran. Depending on the country, the cost of shipping these products is in the range of five thousand dollars in each instance.

FOWC has been able to operate for over 35 years thanks to financial donations from a small group of committed individuals, groups, and manufacturers. These donations have enabled FOWC to ship these free ostomy supplies to needy ostomates in more than 52 countries.

While there is no lack of donated supplies arriving at our collection depots, rental of new storage facilities has recently increased our operating costs!

At the same time, FOWC does not receive any government grants or funding.

You can help by….

  • Including the attached FOWC ad in your newsletters or sending it as an email.
  • Encourage your group to donate to our cause.
  • Direct your members to our website: for more information, stories/pictures, and thank you letters from so many grateful people.
  • If someone is able, offer to match, in whole or part, any cash donations received.

With your help, we will continue to deliver these valuable supplies to the very needy ostomates in developing countries and keep these unused ostomy products out of our landfills.

Lorne Aronson – President
Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada).

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