Photos from the Pack Day – September 21, 2019

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, volunteers gathered one more time at Hollister Canada warehouse to sort ostomy supplies.

This pack sort and pack will probably be the last one done at the Hollister facility as they are closing the warehouse and doing their shipping through a third party logistics. The mood for me was a little nostalgic as I remembered the thirty-five plus years we have been doing this work at this facility.

The Allan Porter Memorial Award (created in honour of Allan Porter, one of the founding members of the then International Friends of Ostomates which morphed into Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada) and Friends of Ostomates Worldwide – (USA) had never been awarded to Hollister in the over thirty five years that they have supported our work.  It was presented to Hollister on this our last sort and pack. 

The group of volunteers included ostomates from Hamilton, Oakville, St. Catharines, as well as Hollister staff and their family. Staff from ConvaTec Canada in the Ottawa region were in attendance for a total of about 25 people. I thank all who came to sort and pack supplies as this work cannot happen without volunteers.

We were able to sort and pack six and three-quarter pallets of supplies. That’s about 300 cartons of supplies destined to countries that do not have access to quality ostomy supplies.

We as an organization count on the help from the ostomy community across Canada and are looking forward to the continued support so we can keep improving the lives of ostomates around the world. For without your financial aid this work is not possible. This year we have sent supplies to Kenya, Iran and anticipate sending to Uganda and Mexico and Ukraine.

The person accepting the Allan Porter award is Cale Street, Country Manager Hollister Canada. The person giving the award is Lorne Aronson, President of FOWC.

Allan Porter award to Hollister
Allan Porter award to Hollister
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